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Privacy Policy and Disclaimer

Privacy Policy and Terms of Use

H.U.N.T Mask is the trading name of Vinain Enterprises. Address 5B Stephen Court, 18A,Park Street , Kolkata 700 071 INDIA 
Your privacy is very important to us. Please read below to see how H.U.N.T Mask handles the information you provide when using your H.U.N.T Mask and its Website. Here are a few of our fundamental privacy principles:
• Personal information you provide when purchasing a H.U.N.T Mask and when using the Mask remains secure and confidential at all times. We do not sell it to any third parties.
• We aggregate and de-identify certain information generated by our users to further climate change research and other academic and business purposes. None of it is traceable back to you.
• Your personal information can not be viewed by any other H.U.N.T Mask user.
• We give you several ways to control the privacy of your personal information and are continuously working to enhance privacy options available to you.
• H.U.N.T Mask respects your privacy and shares your concern about the security of information you may submit to us.
Questions or comments about this Privacy Policy may be submitted by email at
Standard Disclaimer:
Statements regarding performance are issued with best intentions and are subject to technical tests.


5B Stephen Court, 18A,
Park Street
Kolkata 700 071


Phone: +91  9051613860