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Disposable 3-ply

non-woven spun-bond, non-woven

melt-blown, nose-pin

About H.U.N.T


H.U.N.T., a two..decade-old brand, famous for its fashion accessories, introduced a 3ply mask, as a protective gear, produced as per international health advisory guidelines. Blending Simplicity and Style H.U.N.T. epitomizes its philosophy of being Honest Natural and Efficient.

Be it fashion accessories or protective gear to keep today’s Urban Healthy, every product speaks for their passion for fine craftsmanship.
The brand consciously uses only genuine materials produced under the strict supervision of its own qualified professionals.


Product Type:

Flat type, 3 ply pleated design, latex and fiberglass free, adjustable nose-pin.
Non-woven 3-ply surgical face mask (disposable)
Materials: PP non-woven spun-bonded fabric &non-woven melt-blown filter, single core nose-pin, elastic ear loop
Size: 16.5 x 9cm
Packing: 50 pcs/box, 1500 pcs/carton,Sterilizedinner packaging
Colour: Medical Blue
99% Filtration 3 PlySurgical Face Mask
Ultrasonically welded
Non woven material, latex free:
1st ply, outside 25 gsm non woven
2nd ply, 25 gsm melt blown filter
3rd ply, inside 25 gsm non woven
With ultrasonically welded latex-free earloops
Colour/s: White (inner layer), medical blue (outer layer)
Outer layer: Non-woven PP hydrophobic to prevent fluids
Middle layer: Melt-blown filtration BFE 95%
Inner layer: Non-woven PP hydrophilic, soft and comfortable
Flat type, 3 ply pleated design, latex and fiberglass free, adjustable noseband.
Mask size 16.5 x 9 cm


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Park Street
Kolkata 700 071


Phone: +91  9051613860